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Family and Children's Service

Foster Grandparent Program

Family and Children's Service

Service   We recruit and license foster homes for teenagers in Calhoun and Barrie Counties.

Foster care is designed to provide a substitute family for a child who needs temporary care.

Foster care provides each child the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. The foster family must remember that the first goal of Foster Care is to re-unite families whenever possible. To do this, the foster family must work with the child in healing relationships with parents, siblings, other family members, peers, and significant others.

Foster parenting is not a lifetime commitment to a child, but a commitment to be meaningful during a child's lifetime.

Mission   We provide case management services that work toward return home or independent living. Foster care services in the Battle Creek area.

We provide three different types of foster care for children.

  • Respite Foster Care (Less than 30 days)
  • General Foster care (Planned Placements, average six months)
  • Specialized Foster Care (Planned Placements, six months or less)
Contact Information
Trivel McKire, Foster Care Licenser
Family and Children's Services
182 West Van Buren
Battle Creek, MI 49017
269-966-4135 (FAX)

Foster Grandparent Program

Service   Kinship care enabling family members to provide full-time permanent care to their relatives' children.

Mission   We provide support groups, information and referral.

Contact Information
Luann Sommers, Foster Grandparent Program Director
Community Action Agency of South Central Michigan
175 Main Street
PO Box 1026
Battle Creek, MI 49016-1026
269-965-1152 (FAX)

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